16 Jan - 2 Feb 2025

Greg Lawson: Lev's Violin



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24th Jan 2024
City Halls - Recital Room
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Greg Lawson: Lev's Violin

Lev's Violin is the story of an instrument as a traveller through time. Born with a beautiful sound but no name, Lev's violin became an instrument known for its sound but without a name, it was valued as worthless. Although its origins remained a mystery, many stories were attached to it, some true and some wonderfully untrue. Old and worn by its travels, it became less playable and gave up, finally playing its last melody a few years ago. It became the subject of a book by Helena Attlee, Lev's Violin an Italian Adventure and a Radio 4 reading, but after an extensive restoration, Lev's violin has returned to the world of sound where it becomes more than an instrument. It's a metaphor for how we value the things around us. 

Lev's violin still has a beautiful sound, it has passed through the hands of countless musicians, travelled continents and played the music of many cultures. It has achieved what we humans rarely achieve: a long life of rich experience beyond the material. 

Greg Lawson will take you through his journey with Lev's Violin and play some of the music it has played from Bach, Tanpura improvisation, Armenian and Macedonian music, Klezmer and Arvo Part, with accordion and piano player Phil Alexander. There will be books available for sale on the night.

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City Halls - Recital Room
G1 1NQ
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