Salt of the Earth - Craig Mackay

Salt of the Earth

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 16 January - 2 February, 10am - 6pm daily, admission free

Salt of the Earth features contemporary photographs of key personalities who have made a unique contribution to the image of Scotland, nationally and internationally.

Photographer Craig Mackay weaves portraits, music and film together to create a powerful body of work.
This exhibition reflects an emerging and growing confidence in modern Scotland, showing an evolving picture of celebrities, sporting personalities and artists who are spreading their influence abroad.

Some are not Scots by birth but have an affinity to Scotland. All have raised the profile of Scotland globally.
Just as salt adds flavour, Salt of the Earth presents a dramatic range of images that give a flavour of the creativity, diversity and concept of ‘Scottishness’. It offers an artistic response to questions of Scottish diaspora, migration, ancestry and identity.