15 Jan - 2 Feb 2021

Blazin’ at Celtic Connections 2021


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19th Jan 2021
£12 (each day), £80 (for all) includes booking fee
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All ages
Celtic Connections 2021

There are two parts to Beauly Online - Live lessons, and Video Bundles.

Each video bundle features professionally recorded twin camera videos, going through a variety of tunes, with closeups on the fingerboard so you can see exactly what we do! AND you can pause and rewind us - what could be better?!

We will be running 'live' classes every day from 6pm GMT, through Zoom. We'll be starting these classes off with 'the Big Tune', where we'll be working on an exciting new arrangement we want you all to be part of (music provided), before splitting off into our classes.

There are three levels of class:

Slow - For those who can play a few tunes through at a relaxed pace. Should be reasonably comfortable playing in A major, D major and G major.

Intermediate - For those able to play reasonable number of tunes at a steady pace, with some simple bowing and ornamentation. Should be reasonably comfortable playing in A major, D Major, G Major, A minor, B minor and E minor.

Advanced - For those comfortable playing a range of tunes at a good pace, with reasonably fluid bowing and ornamentation. You should have a reasonable knowledge of the various Scottish tune types, and be fairly competent in most common Key signatures.

On Friday, We'll be premiering our Celtic Connections performance and having a wee tune afterwards! Unfortunately, the ticket price does not include the concert, which can be purchased from celticconnections.com

Although the tuition will be Fiddle based, other instruments are welcome to join us!


*Please note, workshops are not included in the Celtic Connections 2021 festival pass, so you will need to purchase a ticket if you want to take part. The live lessons will take place at the specified time and won't be available afterwards.