Workshop FAQ

"What is the age range?"
All Come&Try workshops are suitable for adults and children over 12, unless otherwise stated. 

 "How long do the workshops last?"
Workshops last approximately 90 minutes.

"What is the price?"
All tickets for the Come&Trys and the workshops on the first weekend are £7 per workshop for an adult and £4 for kids percussion (accompanying adults go free).

All tickets for the Fiddle Village, which runs for two days, are £60 in total.  
Buy one ticket and it allows you to attend both days.

All tickets for the Ukulele School, which runs for two days, are £60 in total.  
Buy one ticket and it allows you to attend both days.

All tickets for the Song School are £10 per workshop.

"What level am I at?"

The Celtic Connections programme of workshops is designed to inspire people of all ability levels to get involved in traditional music. The rough guide to ability levels is below:

Come&Try: if you have always wanted to have a go but have never had the confidence or opportunity.  Instruments will be provided.  Workshop numbers are limited so to avoid disappointment, book as early as you can.

Beginners: those who have just started learning an instrument, but who know the basics – how to hold the instrument, getting a variety of notes out of it, may be able to play a tune slowly.  Again instruments will be provided, but if you have your own, please bring it along.

Improvers: if you have been playing for over a year and are ready for the next level.  Please bring your instrument with you.  Instruments will not be provided.
Players: If you are of intermediate level and above.

"Is there an age limit in the Come&Try workshops?  Ie am I too old being 86?"
Not at all.  All ages welcome. 

"I went to the Ukulele School last year.  Should I go again?"
There will be different teaching materials available. The teaching level will be the same though, so if you feel you have progressed a lot through this past year, then you may not want to repeat.  If your progression has been steady but you are still dealing with issues, then please attend again.

"Why are ticket numbers limited?"
We have a certain amount of instruments that are available for the Come&Trys and we want everyone to have the chance to play.  We also limit the numbers to ensure that everyone has the best opportunity with the tutor and the tutor is not over-stretched.


"Where do I buy my tickets?"
To buy your ticket for any of the workshops visit or call 0141 353 8000.

"Why is there no Come&Try Ceilidh Dance workshop this year?" 
We are going to run more regular Come&Try ceilidh dance workshops throughout the year in Glasgow instead.  If you are interested in going to or hosting a ceilidh, send an email to with the Subject title: CC Ceilidh and you will be put on an email list to be notified when they are put in place.

"Do adults need to buy tickets as well when they attend with their children at the kids percussion sessions?" 
No, but they must remain with their children.

"My child wants to go to the Samba drumming but he's only 3 years old. Can he go anyway?"
The younger session is really not suitable for anyone aged under 4 though an older 3 year old should be ok. You know your children better than anyone!  

"Can siblings attend the same percussion workshop even if they are not in the age category?"
This can be flexible.  The younger session is really not suitable for anyone aged under 4 though an older 3 year old should be ok.  If a parent has children aged 6 and 8 I would suggest both attend the 4-7 years session.  If they have children aged 7 and 10 I'd suggest they both attend the 8-12 workshop. 

"Can I turn up on the day and buy a ticket?"
You may be lucky and someone will have returned a ticket to be resold, but the likelihood is that it will be sold out. It would be wise to buy a ticket in advance and then return it if you can't go.


"Can I come to a workshop if I haven't got an instrument (ie travelling by plane) but I am a player?"  We recommend you contacting any friends/family you may have in the area to ask this question.  They may know someone or have a friend of a friend who can lend you an instrument. Just don't leave it to the last minute!  

"Will I need to read music?"

No, everything is taught aurally, so you don't need to read music. 

Music for the Fiddle Village will be given out to aid memory but will be taught aurally.

Words will be given out at the Song School but all taught aurally. 

In the case of the Shapenote Singing workshop, basic music-reading skill is an advantage, but not essential.


"Will there be a performance at the end of the workshop?"

There will not be a performance at the end of the workshops in the first weekend. 

At the end of the Fiddle Village there is a big mass play on the main staircase with all fiddles and cellos and you are welcome to invite your friends and family along to hear what you have achieved. 

At the end of the Song School there is a big mass sing on the main staircase with all singing classes from the afternoon and you are welcome to invite your friends and family along to hear what you have achieved.  We will be singing a group song together as well which will be quickly learnt at the end of the last workshop in the City Of Music Studio (Green Room).

"Will I have to dance at the dance songs workshop?"

Not unless you want to!  It is a singing workshop.


"Will there be more than one tutor in the room with us?"
For the Fiddle Village, Ukulele School, Mandolin workshops, and Muldoon's Picnic singing workshops there will be more than one tutor leading, which enables them to support all melodic lines, levels and experience. 

"Who is ultimately responsible for me having a good time at the workshops?"
You are.  Corrina Hewat is coordinating the workshops this year and will be around to ensure smooth running throughout with the expert help of the Celtic Connections team and staff at each venue.  But you are ultimately responsible for how much you enjoy and take from the workshop.  Feel free to ask questions, ask for repetition if needed and get as much out of the experience as you want. 

"I've broken my arm/leg/nose – can I still come to the workshop?"
Yes of course.  As long as you don't damage it any further, as we are not liable for your physical wellbeing.  You can learn a lot from sitting and listening to the workshop as much as taking part.


"When does the Fiddle School finish?"
It finishs at 3.30pm on Satuday and on the Sunday it will run til around 4.45pm after the big play on the main staircase. 


"My son plays fiddle and cello. Can he bring both instruments to the Fiddle Village?"
Yes indeed. 

"Can I bring my Octave Mandolin to the Fiddle Village?"
Yes indeed.

" I am a classical musician/student but have had no experience in traditional music.  Can I come along to the workshops?"
Yes indeed.  You may find it more difficult to learn by ear if you are a music reader with no aural training, but it is well worth the effort to start the process and you would be most welcome. 

"Do you have smaller fiddles for younger players?"

"How can I help publicise the fact I am going to a workshop?"
There are the following links / social media handles to use:

Festival hashtag: #ccfest17


"Why haven't you answered my FAQ?"
You've a question that's never been asked!  Have you read the copy in the brochure and online? Still not found the answer? Email